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This is why I fucking loathe Charter

Fuck Charter. Seriously. I moved this weekend, and my scheduled appointment to get my cable hooked up was from 3pm to 5pm today. Now, I understand that they can’t give me an exact time. Whatever. But I was very specific that I would like a phone call when they were on the way. I don’t think that’s too much to ask these days, especially from a company called Charter Communications. A company which is offering Goddamn phone service. Whatever. Fuck them. Anyway, the install techs show up. The first guy seems polite enough, even if he seems to be having some trouble figuring out why he’s there. Literal conversation:

Me: Hi.
Trainee Tech: Hi.
Me: (wondering how long he’s gonna stand there)
Trainee Tech: So what am I doing here?
Me: I need my cable hooked up.
Trainee Tech: (looking at clipboard, which is apparently just his shopping list) OK….
Me: I would like my TV to work.
Trainee Tech: OK…

At this point, Jackass Tech walks up, moves Trainee Tech out of the way, and walks directly in my house, without so much as acknowledging my presence. He then decides to get down to brass tacks:

Jackass Tech: So, what are we doing here?
Me: I want my TV to work.
Jackass Tech: (looking at TV) You want us to hook up the TV?
Me: I want my cable service hooked up.
Jackass Tech: But you already have a Moxi, and it’s hooked up.
Me: But it doesn’t work. I want it to work.
Jackass Tech: OK…

This went on for longer than I care to remember, and it’s pissing my shit off thinking about it, so I won’t regale the entire exchange. Needless to say, it never got much better. They did, at one point, get the TV to work, but then it stopped again. Their fix was to replace my Moxi, which took all of my recorded TV shows with it. I would have protested, but I don’t fucking care anymore. I’m getting U-Verse installed in three weeks anyway.

So the moral of the story is that the install guys were total dicks. Real fuckwads. And I don’t count the fact that they got my service working as a point in their favor. If something is your fucking job, you don’t get points for not completely fucking it up. And I really shouldn’t have to tell the guy what he’s there to do. What’s on the goddamn work order? Is the information I give the dispatcher recorded anywhere? And it’s not like there are that many options for him to choose from. Hooking up? Disconnecting? Repair? Fucking guess. You have a one in three chance of being right. I don’t even want television service now.

Fuck Charter.