The Universe of Classic Train (Thanks, Woot)

I just got my latest package from It’s a battery operated train I got for five bucks to go around the Christmas tree. Here’s the box it came in:
Front of the Box

As you can see, it’s The Universe of Classic Train, Handpick Playset. Here’s a little closer on the bottom left:
The Universe of Classic Train

And in case you need help installing the batteries:
Installation way of batteries

I’m not even sure what “Simulating the true styles and making carefully” is even supposed to mean. But, it does go, and it does have a flashlight, or headlight, possibly, just like the box says.
Around the tree
Still around the tree
Here it comes

Happy Holidays.

2 thoughts on “The Universe of Classic Train (Thanks, Woot)

  1. Hell Yeah! We have a train!

    Also, I don’t know if it was the batteries used, or if the draw upon those batteries was totally more than ideal, but each trip around the tree seems to take a slight more effort than the last. It’s a little bigger (length of track wise) than I expected and, therefore, makes the base of the tree look a little dwarfed.

    Oh, for Christmas joy!

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